When might you need to hire a land survey company?

The simple answer is when you buy or build on land.

The history of land surveys is a rich one, and you can find out more about the history of land surveyors here.

But what is a land survey? How do you know what you are looking for in a land survey company? And where to begin?!

Well, hopefully, this blog will provide you with a bit of insight into the world of a land survey company like MG Surveys.
For more detailed explanations and/or assessments, it is best to consult an expert.
So if you’re still unsure by the end of this blog (or are ready to take the next step), don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best land surveyor Essex has to offer!


What is a land survey?

Land surveys are defined as the accurate measurement of dimensions, distances, and features of a stretch of land.

Which sounds a little…confusing.

But don’t worry, if you want to find out when (and why) you require a land survey, take a look at what we do here at MG Surveys below.

Or, if you want a bit more context for an in-depth understanding, let’s get to grips with these 3 types of land surveys!

Cartography – Cartographic surveys are effectively a fancy way of saying maps. Whilst most people won’t need to hire a land survey company to conduct a cartography survey, understanding what it means can really help to understand what land surveys are.

Think of it this way, if a regular map is an example of a cartographic land survey, then other land surveys are just different types of maps. Instead of showing your local area and places of interest, they just show something a little different.

Cadastral – This type of survey is one of the most common and involves mapping/recording properties’ geographical boundaries, shape and features. In short, it’s the official report that maps out the logistics of a property – whether that property currently exists, or it has yet to be built.
This is the type of land survey most people are required to provide during the planning permission stage of construction. It is also compulsory for every land survey company to provide cadastral surveys.

Engineering – Engineering surveys are necessary for any construction and/or engineering project. It involves more than the cadastral survey and maps dimensions, elevation, and all measurements of the planned development and/or construction project.

Site Engineering Services | Land Survey Company

So what do we do here at MG Surveys?

As a leading independent land survey company, MG Surveys conduct and provide:

Land/Topographic Surveys – (which are types of cadastral surveys). You will need this type of survey during the initial stages of the planning permission process – before you begin to officialise your construction plans.

Some examples of when you might require a land/topographic survey:
* If you have recently bought some land and want to know its building or development potential.
* If you are planning to build on your land and need to understand its features, boundaries and shape before you begin drawing up any plans.

Building Surveys – (again, a more informal way of saying engineering surveys) These surveys provide you with the specific, logistical plans of your build – complete with dimension measurements, room elevations, floor, and roof plans.
Building Surveys are submitted during the planning permission process and are integral to drawing up the final plans of your build.

Some examples of when you will need a building survey:
After the initial plans for your new home have been drawn up and you need to iron out the details.
To submit to the council for planning permission approval for any new building.

Site engineering services – You can think of my site engineering services as a survey in progress. Most useful during large engineering and/or construction projects, my site survey services monitor the construction process of a project, to make sure it abides by the building survey submitted as part of the planning process.
MG Surveys also provide as-built surveys which act as that final green tick to mark your project as approved, safe, and completed.

Examples of site engineering services:
Overseeing the setting out of foundations, brickwork, gridlines, drainage and datums.
As-built verticality checks, monitoring exercises, and volume calculations.


MG Surveys – An expert land survey company

In short, the world of land surveys can be a little confusing. And regardless of how survey savvy you are about terminology and purpose, you will still require a survey report, conducted by an expert land surveyor, Essex offers. That’s where we come in, MG Surveys is a certified expert land surveyor that provides official topographic surveys, building surveys and site engineering services.

For advice, queries or consultations, contact the leading land surveyor Essex can provide here at MG Surveys.